We are convinced that our customers deserve the best quality and excellent service for a reasonable price. Only a bid that meets these three key attributes can succeed.

That is why we are maximally focused on quality throughout the production process, we constantly monitor and evaluate it. The inspection begins when the material enters the plant and ends by verifying the conformity of the finished products. That is why we also try to ensure the most advantageous delivery and payment conditions. That is why we are constantly looking for cost savings.

Our goal is also to offer customers our experience and knowledge in the field of metal processing and to participate in product development from the very beginning.

Integrated Management System

Velos is an organization focused on the production of metal parts, including their surface treatment. Our main customers include IKEA and automotive parts organizations.

The company’s management is fully aware of the importance of customer satisfaction with the quality of manufactured products and at the same time the unavoidable need for an environmentally friendly approach. Therefore, the company decided to build its integrated management system, according to the criteria standards:

As its tool for achieving quality products, satisfied customers and at the same time ensuring protection and environmentally friendly approach. This integrated management system is used by the cooperative as its tool for its own continuous improvement and as a prevention of environmental pollution.

When fulfilling the integrated management system, the following applies:

  • Customer satisfaction is the highest priority, the fulfillment of which is the efforts of all our employees. The basis is complexity, timeliness and the highest technical level of our services.
  • The basic pillars of our integrated management system are communication openness both to our own employees and to the general public.
  • Through regular training and education of our own employees, we ensure both the improvement of our own quality and the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • We approach each customer in such a way that the provided product and the customer's requirements are always implemented in the agreed scope, quality and deadline with only the necessary negative impacts on the environment.
  • By carefully selecting suppliers, both in terms of quality and environmental impact, we ensure the improvement of the company's own product quality and environmental profile in relation to the environment.
  • Continuous introduction of new technologies and procedures is a prerequisite for offering ever higher quality products to our customers and reducing negative environmental impacts.
  • We always manage the individual activities of the company and the products offered so that the legal and other requirements to which the cooperative is subject are met.
  • As one of the main tools for fulfilling our integrated management policy, we use individual goals and target values, which we continuously monitor and regularly evaluate.


The beginnings of the VELOS production cooperative date back to the years before World War II. In March 1936, tradesmen from the Hradec Králové area joined forces to buy and sell a mechanics’ cooperative, whose task was to create more favorable conditions for the purchase of bicycles, their accessories and spare parts for repairs.

After 1948, there was a rapid development of production and repair activities and the cooperative was transformed into a production cooperative VELO Hradec Králové. In the 1950s, the cooperative increasingly focused its attention on the foothills of the Orlické Mountains, where there was a noticeable lack of job opportunities. Nový Hrádek was the place where one of the team’s most important races was gradually built.

It originated from the former textile factories, in which the production of bicycle parts was introduced, and later also the cooperative production of sidecar parts and other products. At the end of the 1950s, the cooperative changed its name to the production cooperative VELOREX Hradec Králové. Many products bearing the VELOREX brand have become known not only in our market, but have been exported to many countries around the world. The most famous products of the Nový Hrádek plant included a motor vehicle for the disabled and sidecars for Jawa motorcycles. By 1984, more than 200,000 of these trucks had been produced.

The VELOREX plant in Nový Hrádek first concentrated its production in the main plant and later in the welding and paint shop operations in Nový Hrádek – Doly. The main plant produced rims and fenders for bicycles and braided bicycles. The plant was equipped with a line of splicing, centering and control machines of the French company CPM.

Among other things, the welding shop produced off-road frames for Jawa motorcycles for the world’s highest competitions. In the paint shop, the plant significantly participated in the production of sidecars by surface treatment of the upper and lower parts from laminate.

In the 1980s, extensive investment construction of a new surface treatment plant was started in Nový Hrádek-Doly. After the completion of the construction and security of the technological equipment, the plant became one of the most modern in the VELOREX production cooperative.

After the completion of construction and security, in the early 1990s, the Velorex production cooperative began to split up and gradually sixteen independent entities were established. Velos, which was founded on September 1, 1992, became one of them.

In 2007, the ownership structure changed and, at the same time as the new owner of the company, production for the automotive industry came to Velos, which today accounts for the largest share of the company’s sales.