We manufacture both as exclusive manufacturers of products that are developed by our customers, but we also manufacture our own products.

Own products

Our own products mainly include rims (not braided or braided) and fenders for bicycles. Their production formed the basis of our production program in the past, however, we still produce them today. You can order them from us and they will be sent to you cash on delivery.

Our other own products include Velos and Velos Lux bathroom accessories and Cactus hangers. You can still order these products from us.

Products that we produce exclusively for our customers

Parts for the automotive industry

We produce, for example, parts of the dashboard carrier for the Škoda Fabia and Roomster, rear seat frames for the KIA Sportage and Hyundai ix35, parts of the manual front and rear seat movement mechanism for the KIA Venga and more.

Catalog of automotive products Furniture and home accessories

In this segment, our largest customer is IKEA.

We custom manufacture garden furniture.

Healthcare products

Our main customers in this segment include Linet and Soehnle.


We bend stands for extension cables from galvanized pipes.

For the Isolit Bravo company, we produce Motůčko motorized garden wheel frames.

For the Homeport company, the operator of an automatic bike rental system, we produce special handlebars used to fasten the bike in the stand.